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Left 4 Dead
RedEagleClub vs. CodeRED
Added: Jun. 20th, 2018
Left 4 Dead
RedEagleClub vs. Octane City
Added: Jun. 20th, 2018
Left 4 Dead
RedEagleClub vs. Titan6
Added: Jun. 20th, 2018
Left 4 Dead
RedEagleClub vs. CGR
Added: Jun. 20th, 2018
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New Website Release By RedEagleClub

I created a webshop for our server where you can support our community with money. We can offer you: In-Game Money, Special Skins, Gang Bases, etc. - Balinteus

New Server Release By RedEagleClub

We created our MTA:SA Server (ServerName: [EU] RedEagleClub | Freeroam/Turfs/ClanWars, Ip: and we are searching for beta testers... If you are interesed please DM Balinteus for more information. It's a freeroam server with gangs and much more. We have a Turf gamemode too... where you can capture turfs for your gang. We can offer you lots of nice designed car mods and a friendly community. - Balinteus

New Website Release By RedEagleClub

As you can see we have succesfuly created our new website. It's not a big thing with registration and stuff (But I'm planning to make one later...), so yeah... its just for some basic informations. - Balinteus

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