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About Us by Medic (Co-LeaderEagle/Community Manager)

Some basic informations you may want to know about us: At the start RedEagleClub was something we didn't take seriously, we made it for fun at the 19th of April 2015. At first, only those people could "join" this small community, who we know, we could trust. After a year or so, we started to recruit some members. That's when we got over 50 person. We started doing our first Giveaways, making servers in different games etc. etc. We thought we could upgrade this whole thing, by making this website, hoping more people would come.

Ideas / Suggestions:

If you want to support REC- With some ideas, feel fry to leave them them down below. [Click Here]

Our PayPal:

[Click Here]

If by any chance, you are that kind of madman, this is the place that stores (steals**) your well earned money... (Don't do this... please.) (Disclaimer: We don't really do refunds)

Admins that you can contact anytime.. almost:

Name: E-Mail: Rank/Role:
Balinteus balinteus@redeagle.club LeaderEagle (Owner)
Medic medic@readeagle.club Co-LeaderEagle / Community-Manager
Toma toma@redeagle.club Co-LeaderEagle / Head-Designer
Vertex3 vertex3@redeagle.club Co-LeaderEagle / Co-Designer
Lacieus (Inactive, still important) lacieus@redeagle.club Co-LeaderEagle
Balazs (Trust me, you don't need this) Baby Co-LeaderEagle

MTA Server IP: redeagleclub.mtasa.eu:20564

Ooo! Guess what, just for now.. and forever! You can get TToTRE, for free! I'm sure you don't want to miss out on this so, here's the link! Why don't you check it out? [Click Here To Play]

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